Monday, June 9, 2014

Victoria's Secret

When I find relevant dates and/or  historical facts of interest regarding a brand or brand name, I will post it under the brand name listed in the title.  I will update these posts with new information as it becomes available to me.

RN Database: Victoria's Secret, Inc.
Registered Number:  70817
(Victoria's Secret, Inc under company name:  Limited Brands)
RN Database Victoria's Secret Direct, LLC 
Registered Number:  80763
(Victoria's Secret Direct, LLC under company name:  Limited Brands)

The Limited, Inc. History (as provided by Funding Universe)

1982 - The Limited acquired Victoria's Secret


When I find relevant dates and/or  historical facts of interest regarding a brand or brand name, I will post it under the brand name listed in the title.  I will update these posts with new information as it becomes available to me.

RN Database: Cacique

Registered Number:  85932

The Limited, Inc. History (as provided by Funding Universe)

1982 - The Limited acquired Lane Bryant, Victoria's Secret
1988 - debuted its own private-label intimate apparel business, Lingerie Cacique

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baby Doll : The Movie That Set the Trend

Lingerie setting the trend in forward 30+ years..Courtney Love and Grunge. Did you know this  movie popularized the Babydoll  nightgown?  I didn't.  Until I read the blog post from the Huffington Post.  I watched a scene and the trailer and now I want to do more research and write another post or series of posts.  SO much here to consider...

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Full disclosure:  I am a retired theatrical performer.  Many of my friends are performers.  We are a slightly off beat and fun loving group of people.  One particular high school friend was and still is extremely fun loving.  And I have proof that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

Do you remember, or have you seen, the "I Dreamed..." Maidenform ad campaign?  It ran for nearly 21 years, spanning 3 decades, the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Well, in honor of Mother's Day, I'm sharing two photos... one of an original Maidenform "I Dreamed..." advertisement, and the other the photo (a knock-off) taken of the mother of that  extremely fun loving high school chum of mine, who when this picture was taken, was in her 50's and was a true sport, in every sense of the word.

Happy Mother's Day!

Original Maidenform "I Dreamed..." Advertisement Circa 1952

The Original Mrs. Chaltas Circa 1982 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are Mothers...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day: Breakfast in Bed

Mother's Day here in the US is May 11th, which is just around the corner.  Why not consider a gift of vintage lingerie as a part of your Mother's Day Brunch or breakfast-in-bed plans?  Vintage lingerie is a natural fit! That's because not all vintage lingerie is provocative sexually.  Much of it is just plain pretty.  Or silky and soft.  Or warm and fuzzy.  Think of it as comfort food for the body!  And just the thing for a frazzled Mother.

Here's a selection of vintage lingerie that we think would make a Mother happy.     By sticking with modest nightgowns and robes, we have chosen ones that a woman would be perfectly happy being seen in by her children or morning guests, even.  Every day vintage lingerie that is comfortable yet beautiful.  What Mother wouldn't love that?

To begin with, let's start off with the "Queen of Being Seen" in vintage lingerie...the woman whose line "Sleeping Pretty" was  invented (and I do mean "invented"  she had many, many patents)  just so that women could be modestly (note the padded bra) seen in lingerie, when it was necessary, and even tested it's comfort and practicality out herself during a hospital stay...  Olga.

Here's a fun set of kid safe raffia coffee mugs, that mean everyone can join in on Mom's breakfast in bed:

Miss Elaine made some of the finest and most lovely, every day lingerie.  Like the quilted satin robe  shown here with a button front and drawstring waist and a bodice embellished with sweet embroidered roses buds.  This is just the kind of robe that you won't mind being seen in while getting the newspaper or letting the dog out.

Isn't this the perfect tea and/or coffee cup to serve your Mother breakfast in bed, while she is wearing this robe?:

 Modesty prevails once again, here with Odette Barsa matching zip front robe and sleeveless gown.  Much of vintage clothing is sized small, but this set is an easy modern large or even extra large.  Odette Barsa was known for her soft and cushiony robes, and this is no exception.  If your mother / wife likes soft satiny comfort and light weight warmth, then Odette Barsa is her vintage designer.

and how about these slippers to go along with this:

In my humble opinion Vanity Fair has some of the coolest prints out there on lingerie.  Here's a fabulous example.  Fearless about mixing big blossomy flowers with vibrant, non tradition lingerie colors, Vanity Fair put the hip in hipster. 

Serve Mom breakfast in bed with this matching (well...pretty close to matching!) tray:

Now we're picking up speed here, with this Lorraine nylon and chiffon peignoir set.  Still modestly discrete, but with a classy, sassy full sweep chiffon robe. 

Let Mom take her Mother's Day phone calls in vintage style with this aqua rotary phone:

More chiffon madness or should I say Mad Men -ness.  This time in a shorter, dead stock version by Sears.  Does it surprise you that Sears made such pretty lingerie?  It shouldn't,  Sears was THE store to go to for many Mothers.  And Sears sold some AWESOME lingerie, in my humble opinion.   And in case you find that hard to believe,  look below.

Any Mother would appreciate a pretty new and fluffy pillow to support her back while she eats her breakfast in bed and this one matches so very well:

 And if we're picking up speed but still want a class act, then the name Shadowline must be said, because if you are looking for quality chiffon sass,  then this is a name you can trust.    I think it's safe to say, this is one trustworthy and gorgeous peignoir set.  Just enough sass to be safe with the kind of quality that means you'll be passing this one down.

A pretty new vintage ring for Mom, to wear in style with her matching peignoir:

If peignoirs aren't your Mother's or Wife's idea of suitable motherhood attire, then consider this ultra cool keyhole nightgown.  Funky, but not fussy, fun.  This one is made Vassarette.

A hip Danish Modern style tea pot to go with this hip modern nightgown:


Personal Teapot Speckled Ivory Hollow Center Conversation Piece Minimalist Danish Modern Off white

Or perhaps Mother doesn't go in for the modern styles and sees herself as an urban  homesteader and wants something she could feed she backyard chicken in, and feel comfortable doing it.  This 70's nightgown is all about "back to the land" to me.

And what would be more perfect to drink morning coffee in while your Mother feeds her flock in this 70's prairie revival?...A 70's Happy Mother's Day travel mug, of course.

What if your Mother's idea of a perfect day is reading in bed?  Then this cute little bed jacket is just the thing.

...and I know just the book for her...

Since we are talking bed jackets or in this case a psuedo-bed jacket, but really a babydoll peignoir,  I thought I'd offer up this little treat.  I know I promised modest here, but I LIED.  Sorry.  I just couldn't resist and by the next time I get around to another post, this gorgeous set will probably be sold.

I think a "Queen for the Day" theme is appropriate here, don't you? 

For those more modest Mother's who still want the "Queen for a Day" elegance, but not the drama.  How about this velour dressing gown, in the ever popular  Midnight Black.

Well, maybe a little drama for the feet...

Since we started the post with Olga, it only seems fitting to end with Olga.  In particular this one.  A new in the box chiffon peignoir set that is deserving of more than one photo, so it's getting it.  No need to buy anything else with it, as the set includes slippers! (It may be another slightly less than modest piece...but who's counting, anyway?)