Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I'm always happy to see a fellow team member shine.  In fact, I like to add to it, especially when the shop owner is my dear friend Miss Susanne of Voila Vintage Lingerie and the piece is my all time favorite...EVER.  All I can say is it took Cora of the blog The Lingerie Addict long enough to find it!  Let's hope a lingerie or fashion museum is the next owner so that we can all go see it any time we want to and cry along with Cora.  

 Christian Dior Chiffon Peignoir Set 1957 Lace Trailing 40 Foot Hemline Mint Condition Museum Piece

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Friday, March 27, 2015


Here's some real Vintage Lingerie Love for you.  For a short period of time I am reducing the price of this gorgeous teal Olga robe and nightgown.  If you've never tried or heard of Olga read about her fascinating story in my two part blog post here: Olga: Compassionate Design Part I and here:  Olga: Compassionate Design Part II And remember, every body looks good in a vintage Olga!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Fashion Week: 10 Reasons I Love Vintage 1970's Polyester Fashion

In case you missed fashion week in NYC this year, I can tell you, having received it from reliable sources that the 1970's is having a major influence on new fashion coming out in 2015.  The surprise is, there is no surprise!  1970's fashion ROCKS.  But there's an annoying and oft repeated prejudice that seems to get spread from blog post to blog post that's been written about vintage 1970's fashion as of late.  It is this.  1970's fashion is super cool EXCEPT the pieces made out of polyester.  The much maligned 70's polyester has an advocate in me.   I am here to set the record straight.

Here's why I love 1970's polyester and why you should, too.

1.)  The colors are fantastic, bright and optimistic.   You'll often see it used in color block and mod patterns and styles.

2.)  The textures are amazing.  Sometimes, almost 3 dimensional.  I love the spongy type.  MY GOD it's so cool, it can almost stand on it's own.  And I guarantee it will conceal a whole lot more than it reveals.  Which can be a very good thing for those of us with the odd bump and bulge.

3.)  It's colorfast.  Well, most of it is, anyway.  You'll understand how wonderful that is once you've hand washed you favorite vintage garment and seen the color bleed away in the wash water, or paid your last dry cleaning bill. 


4.)  It's super easy to clean.  You can either hand wash it or gentle cycle it in warm or cold water in the washing machine and air dry it.  Beware the high setting on dryers and always take it out quickly, as it dries super fast.  Which brings me to number 5.

5.)  It dries super fast.  In fact, over drying can be an issue.  Short drying times together with low dryer temps  and/or air drying is best.  

6.)  It hardly wrinkles while wearing or storing.  And a low iron or steamy shower solves the problem.  And that, together with #4 and #5 make it just about perfect for travel.

7.)  It's a chameleon.  It comes in thick, almost stand alone fabrics like some of the spongy waffly Dacron Polyesters  and then in some of the softest, slipperiest drapiest Quianas.   And it's blended with cotton, wool and everything else in between.

8.)  It's really tough and it lasts (looking really good) forever.  You may get the occasional snag, but you can pull it through to the other side.  It resists stains.  It cleans easily.  You'll be handing these down to you grandchildren.

9.)  It's super cool groovy and mod.  Just look at the advertisements of the time.  

10.)  It's still inexpensive to buy.  That's because the secret hasn't gotten out yet.  But it will believe me it will.


....and further, I'd like to debunk some of the negative press about 1970's Polyester.  Here goes:

Debunking 3 1970's Polyester Myths

1.)  It's hot.
Yes, I know, and you'll look hot in it.  Oh, you mean it creates a warmer body temperature.  So does wool, and down feather.  No big deal.  Save it for colder weather and climates.  If you happen to be hot blooded, perhaps it won't be your favorite fabric, so if you'd love a piece, choose something lighter weight (like a Polyester jersey) preferably with short sleeves and wear it in winter.  The rest of us will cherish the warmth it can provide, especially during the chilly winter months when rising oil prices necessitate turning down the thermostat.

2.)   It's itchy.
While it's true that some Polyesters are textured to such a degree that to the more sensitive of skin there is an itch factor, it's just as true that other Polyesters from the same decade are deliciously soft and drapey, as in the Polyester jerseys.  Quiana jumps to mind here.  A weighty and slippery soft, sensual fabric that drapes lusciously.  If you are in love with (like I am) that spongy, highly textured Polyester that is so very fun, I suggest you do what all of us did during the 1970's.   Wear it with vintage lingerie. Camisoles.  Pettipants.  Full slips and half slips.  Problem solved.

3.)  It's tacky or ugly.
Be brave.   Set the trend.  Take a 2nd look with an open mind and strike out the recent blog post you  just read by the Polyester Hater who has never worn it and is just recycling another writer's musings, recycled from another writer's musing, etc.  Think for yourself.  

70's Polyester is at times fun, funky, colorful and elegant.  Sound like anyone you know?

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Good-bye 2014 Hello 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!  Things start cooking on all burners starting in October for those of us who sell on line and the frenzy continues until after January 1st.  So here I find myself at January 16th in the New Year reminiscing over the old.  There was some sad news and glad news.

I'll share the glad news first.  Our little blog that could keeps chugging along, in spite of my sporadic postings and limited time.  Wonders of wonders is that Sweet Cherry Lingerie  listed it as one of her top 13 lingerie blogs to read.  Read the post here:  Our Top 13 Lingerie Blogs To Read.  Make sure you take the time to peruse her blog - she is a wealth of information and has scads of fabulous inventory for sale, too!  Thank you, Shelley.  I blow a kiss back to you!

Now for the sad news... One of our founding team members and a person dear and near to my heart passed on into spirit unexpectedly last year.  Sandy Carter was one of my first team interviews.  Read the interview here:    Meet Sandy of MyVintageWonderland.  She was a remarkable bright light in my life and the life of many others on our team.  Her optimism and enthusiasm was inspirational to us, as she ran her business in spite of great pain,  sometimes flat on her back lying in bed with her computer on her stomach.  She was plucky, kept us on the straight and narrow and loved her family with all her heart.  In fact,  a memory of her mother wearing a Barsa robe is what drew her to sell vintage lingerie in the first place.  I was stunned and saddened to find out that she had passed and if any of her family reads this I offer my most sincere condolences.  I found out about her passing because her niece, who also sells on line, was researching a Barsa robe,  that same brand that Sandy spoke of in her interview.  Her neice found the interview read it and was moved to contact me and tell me what had happened.  I am so grateful she did.  I have no doubt that Sandy played a part in this amazing set of coincidences.    I enjoyed Sandy immensely,  hold her in my heart and think of her often.  I like to think of Sandy as my own little vintage lingerie angel.

Lastly,  I'll end on a personal lingerie high note:  One of my adorable chiffon peignoir sets was featured in a vintage clothing blog that was featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES!  The blogger Alexandra used my piece in the post that related the wonderful news.  You can view the blog post here Hello Sunshine and once you do you'll be hooked on Into the Woods  because it's adorable and fabulously professional.   I feel honored that my sweet set was chosen to do the job.

A post script glad news and non-vintage lingerie news is that a vintage flapper hat I offered for sale was purchase by The Smithsonian.  I walked a little taller that day!

It's been a full year where I continue to hone my lingerie photo taking  boudoir skills.  Some things that are in the works:  a gallery showing  of some of the photographs I've taken of women in vintage lingerie and some changes here to the blog - more on that one later.

As I start the new year, I  feel gratitude toward my network of vintage lingerie sellers who I am happy to call friends, AND for the fact that I can do all of this and be paid to do it, to boot.   I am most blessed!  

Until then,


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween 2014

In my household we have two black cats, not just one.  The smallest of the two, Chloe-Zoe is my quality control officer.  She's always interested in keeping our standards high.  Here she is doing a routine inspection.  In honor of Halloween, I'm posting lingerie photos that include  our black cat  who always brings us good luck every time she crosses our path.  Happy Halloween everyone!