Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Shout Out, The Lingerie Addict, Vintage Bras and Getting a Good Fit


We are all big fans here of the blog "The Lingerie Addict", so you can imagine our delight when one of our members, Theresas of IntimateRetreat was featured not once, not twice, but three times in the same post on the blog.  Here's the link:  


Worried about how to fit a vintage bra?  Theresas offers the following on vintage brassiere fitting:

"You need to know your under bust measurements as this will be the length of the bra measurement – yours should fall somewhere in the measurements unstretched to stretched max. If that measurement isn’t given.. ask, you can also ask how many hook and eyes and where in the measurements these fall. For a vintage bra I measure from under the bust up the bottom of my breast to my nipple to get the depth of the cup – because sometimes, depending on how pert or not pert your bust is, taking measurements over the “fullest” part won’t actually give you the right measurement. If it is a corset measure your waist pulling the tape only slightly tight.

 Also.. when putting on a vintage bullet bra it should be noted that you strap it around your body, bend over parallel to the floor and pull your breasts up into the cup. If you don’t fill the bullet shape out all the way you can add a vintage or modern type of falsie. They are small and generally only fit into the end of the bra. That way the tips don’t collapse."

     Terrific advice from a shop owner who's told me she's crazy for vintage bras. Theresas consistantly carries kick-butt vintage brassieres, and if you love them, then you will love her shop, so make it a point of bookmarking it.  


Here's a few of my favorites that Theresas has for sale at the moment, but you'll have to move fast, because her items move.

And while Theresa specializes in vintage brassieres, you'll also find some serious good stuff from our other shops, too.  Here's just a sampling:

                  1970s RARE Playtex Black PinUp Corselette with Zipper

        Offered by KitKatCaberet        

            1950s Bullet Bra  Offered by ByMidnightSparkle 

                 Van Raalte Black Mesh Bustier Bra Size 38C 

               Offered by Violavintagelingerie

That should be enough to keep you satisfied for at least a little while, ...  I may be back again today with another post, or not.  If not, I'll be back soon, though!


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